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There are also lots of other kinds of revenge spells, like curses and spells for revenge against enemies. These are black magic revenge spells that can cause your enemies great harm, even death. Sometimes, when there is someone truly evil out there who is harming those around him and will never be caught, a powerful black magic revenge spell is in order. 

black and white treeBlack magic is any magic that has the intention of harming someone else for your own personal gain. Whether it is binding them to keep them away from you (even if they deserve it!), reflecting something bad that someone did back at them, hexing or cursing, these are all forms of magic that fall into the same category.

There are definitely different degrees of ‘color, in fact, many practicing witches believe that magic has no color at all. What is interesting about practicing witchcraft is that you make your own rules. You decide what you feel is acceptable, and unless you belong to an actual religious group like the Wiccans, your moral code is your own. As long as you are willing to suffer the consequences, so pay attention!

snow mountain The definition we usually use to separate black magic from white magic is the Wiccan Rede. Although white magic can be practiced by anyone, you need not be a Wiccan, the Wiccan religion is founded upon a central idea that also applies to white magic.

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