Do you know how to store gas? This empty gas bottle brings you the answer.
This kind of Gas steel cylinder made of steel pipe material is usually used to fill various high-pressure gases. It has a very high tightness and is durable. It can generally be used to store high-pressure oxygen, hydrogen, helium, coal gas, and petroleum liquefied gas. Wait.
These gases are generally stored in steel cylinders using high-pressure technology, which requires that the quality and tightness of the cylinders must be superior, and that the gas cylinders should be neat when placed, should be kept upright, properly fixed, and should be prevented from being dumped Measures.
At the same time, the empty bottle and the solid bottle should be placed separately and have obvious signs. The toxic gas cylinder and the gas in the bottle can cause combustion, explosion, and toxic substances to come into contact with each other. . It must be stored separately from explosives, oxidants, flammables, spontaneous combustion, and corrosives.
Although the quality of the steel cylinder is passable, when it is used normally, you need to pay attention to some small details to ensure the safety of the product.
Specification and dimension table
MaterialCarbon steelCarbon steelCarbon steelCarbon steelCarbon steel
Wall thickness(mm)4.5-4.84.5-4.84.5-4.84.5-4.84.5-4.8
Work pressure(bar)150150150150150
Test pressure(bar)250250250250250
Factory environment
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Packing & Shipping
Q1: Price Terms
A1: We normally quote in EXW, FOB Ningbo /Shanghai, or CIF destination port.
Q2: Is it convenient to manage delivery for QingYuan?
A2: QingYuan is located in Jiangshan, China. With both sea & air ports nearby, it is easy to offer international delivery to customers.
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80 mints by High Speed Train from Hangzhou city.
120 mints by High Speed Train from Shanghai city.
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