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DR. CYNTHIA ABORTION CLINIC WE HAVE 100% APPROVED ABORTION PILLS +27630710344 SAFE & GUARANTEED EFFECTPREGNANT? NO WORRIES CONTACT DOCTOR CYNTHIA FOR FAST, AFFORDABLE AND RELIABLE PILLS Deciding to terminate a pregnancy can be one of life's most difficult choices. If you have decided to terminate your pregnancy, be assured that you are not alone. You matter and we are here to help you. with no side effects and 100% guaranteed, we use approved and trusted pills plus the anti-bio tics which you apply after the termination is done to avoid complications which may occur as a result of the termination process We provide assistance in specialized circumstances, including rape, genetic defects, fatal anomalies and minor age patients with care and compassion. Abortion clinic offers same day confidential, safe and pain free abortion services using pills that are safe with no side effects. We also deliver pills to our clients who are distant from our clinic so that they can take termination process in comfort of there homes. We also clean women's womb after abortion to ensure good health of our clients, for more information call WE DO USE TRUSTED, LEGAL ABORTION PILLS GUARANTEED BY THE SOUTH AFRICAN MEDICAL CENTER.Is the Abortion Pill safe? The abortion pill or medical abortion safer than a surgical abortion but should only be considered in the first 36 weeks of pregnancy. The medical name for the abortion pill is mifepristone. It works by blocking the hormone progesterone. Without progesterone, the lining of the uterus breaks down and the pregnancy cannot continue. The abortion pill is followed by another medicine called misoprostol which makes the womb contract, causing cramping and bleeding similar to a miscarriage. Types of abortion: There are two types of Abortions Medical Abortion and Surgical Abortion But at CYTHIA abortion clinics, we specialize in Medical Abortions with the help of Abortion / termination Pills DELIVERIES CAN BE MADE BOTH COUNTER TO COUNTER OR DOOR STEP CALL/ WHATSAPP +27630710344

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